Remote Camps

We cater for all your Camp Linen needs and currently service all the main Gas & Mining Camps from Dalby to Injune and beyond.

Services include:

  • Initial marking of new sheets and towels and initial wash of new linen.
  • Coordination with camp managers to agree pickup and delivery frequency.
  • Regular laundry services for camp linen – daily or other frequency.
  • Knights operates its own transport (or in some cases have set up and transport partnerships) and provides a door to door pickup and delivery service. Knights’ trucks have hydraulic tail lifts and trolleys are used to transport laundry. This is a workplace health and safety initiative to ensure that staffs at Knights and camp staff do not have to lift items over 15kg. While most clients use trolleys, some prefer bags. Bags are colour coded to track laundry for each camp.
  • Attaining necessary Tracking, Training and Safety requirements imposed by Camp Management.
  • Washing towels, sheets and table linen. Sheets and table linen are steam ironed and folded in bundles of 10 and wrapped for delivery back to camps.
  • Capacity to handle contaminated laundry using special contaminated laundry bags and separate washing of these items.
  • Backup linen available for camps should there be delays or problems with linen supply.
  • A seamstress is available on site to undertake repairs as needed.

Customized service support for major project customers including:

  • A relationship management approach to working with camp managers to meet their requirements. This includes regular meetings with clients to set performance targets and seek feedback on performance. Knights also regularly surveys customers to monitor the current and changing needs.
  • Knights can accommodate specific client instructions covering laundry as well as workplace health and safety requirements. Knights can customize workplace health and safety rules for different clients.
  • Knights is available to customers for sites inspections. The company welcomes client visits to demonstrate the range of capabilities available at the Knights’ site.
  • Knights has a back up vehicles and are on call 24/7. Knights provides 24 hour seven day a week phone access to key staff to respond to any issues that might arise.
  • Fully automated and computer controlled chemical use to wash to Australian Standards. All chemicals are dispensed automatically and computer controlled to meet Australian standards.
  • The company has a boiler which heats water to temperatures needed for washing to meet Australian standards.
  • Environmental systems to reduce energy and water use. Knights uses a water recycling carbon filter system that has significantly reduced water usage and selects energy efficient machinery and LED lighting
  • Titration Reports are available on request for Audit reports & Hygiene verification
  • Knights maintains very high service standards and key managers in the business are actively involved in daily management of work and client assistance and support.
  • The firm operates across the Darling Downs, south west Queensland and the Surat Basin.
  • Knights has the capacity to expand production as required to meet increased demand by running additional shifts.

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